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Mallary Carpet & Flooring's sand & refinishing service

Can Affordably Restore a Dull Floor to Its Original Stunning Appearance

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Sand & refinishing

If your hardwood flooring loses its luster from years of everyday punishment, don’t replace it. Hardwood sand & refinishing can restore it for much less cost.

When hardwood flooring loses its good looks from years of foot traffic and other wear, you can have its original luster restored with sand & refinishing service from Mallary Carpet & Flooring. While hardwood is an exceptionally durable material that retains its good looks for a long time, no flooring material lasts forever and time eventually takes its toll. Don’t even think about paying for the high cost of completely removing and replacing your hardwood flooring. With our hardwood sand & refinishing service, you can quickly restore your floors brilliance and durability for much less cost.

Many everyday things contribute to deglamorizing your hardwood flooring. These include continual foot traffic; direct sunlight; stains; liquid spills; stiletto heels, and the cleats on athletic shoes. All of these ills can wear down the surface finish on your hardwood floors and result in damage that detracts from its appearance. Mallary Carpet & Flooring is happy to provide hardwood sand & refinishing services for homeowners in Glen Burnie, Anne Arundel County, Annapolis, Howard County, Severna Park and other nearby Maryland communities.

Where has the hardwood floor’s luster gone?

Hardwood is usually covered with an extremely durable polyurethane coating that protects the wood from liquids, abrasive elements and other damage over time. This polyurethane surface material also contains tiny slivers of aluminum oxide that add additional protection for the wood from the UV light in direct sunlight, thereby strengthening the coating and increasing the hardwood floors luster. Sand, mud and dirt tracked in on people’s shoes or pet’s paws act much the same as sandpaper and scrapes away the protective coating. This permits soil and moisture to reach the wood. Even when people’s shoes and pet’s paws are clean, pet’s claws, and women’s stiletto heels can cause even more damage over time.
Hardwood Sand & Refinishing in Glen Burnie, MD area from Mallary Carpet & Flooring
Liquids, when not immediately soaked up, can seep into even the least obvious cracks or chips in the hardwood's polyurethane finish, be absorbed by the wood and cause it to swell up. UV radiation from direct sunlight will bleach out the hardwoods rich colors and make it appear dull.

Fortunately, hardwood refinishing by Mallary Carpet & Flooring will correct these problems and give you back hardwood floors that look like new again. Our highly trained refinishing crew will come to your home, expertly sand down the worn, battered polyurethane coating, and apply an entirely new coating, quickly and professionally.

Need more information? If so, phone us, e-mail us, or stop by at our Glen Burnie, MD showroom when it is convenient to discuss your interest in hardwood sand & refinishing with one of our flooring experts.